Nigeria is a country that is skilled in formulating good policies but falter  greatly in implementation process. Despite laudable health policies of  the country and resources invested there upon, Nigeria still remains at  the bottom of WHO Health Performance Ranking list. Evidently, health  care and health services delivery in Nigeria is calling for improvement  of practices at all levels. The quest to move Nigeria position on the  health ranking list upwards and simultaneously improve the quality of  health of Nigeria population lead to the conception and birth of the  Centre for Hospital and Health Service Improvement (CHAHSI, Nig).

CHAHSI (Nig.) is a  Non Profit, Non-Governmental Organization. Registered in  Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission for the purpose of  improving the quality of health care services through Education  /Capacity building, Research and Publications, Advocacy, Social  Emancipation, Collaboration and Networking. .  We envision a Nigeria  where continuous improvement in health care services to the population  is achieved and sustained. Our mission is to build the capacity of  stakeholders in the health sector; research and publish articles on  trends in the health system; catalyze and facilitate global strategies  for actualization of basic Primary Health Care Services for the entire  population; advocate and campaign for sustained progressive increase in  health sector financing and making health care services accessible to  vulnerable rural communities through expanded National Health Insurance  Scheme sustained by dedicated revenue;  advocate for control  intervention measures against the spread of pandemic diseases e.g. HIV  /AIDS, TB and Malaria; partnership and networking with Law Makers,  Federal Ministry of Health, Civil Society Organizations, and  International health  organizations to actualize our vision.


THE HEALTH FORUM: CHAHSI (Nig) is stepping the forum down to Zonal and State levels in order to  press the responsibility for community healthcare, financing,  accessibility, up-takes, partnerships, facility upkeeps, staff training, care of  HIV/AIDS infected persons, NHIS benefits, etc. to the States,  Local Governments and the entire grass root population.  CHAHSI Nig. is  mobilizing and sensitizing Rural Communities and Local Governments on  the benefits of NHIS and health rights; strengthening Primary healthcare and advocating National Health Insurance enrollment in every community  as machinery for sustained improvement and access to healthcare. Our  advocacy and sensitization of youths on reality of HIV/AIDS, VCT and ART administration will continue to expand.

CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMMES: we pursue aggressive education and awareness designed to re-orientate  and improve human resource input towards achieving a more effective and  efficient health service delivery. This shall go beyond formal setting  to include intensive workshops and team exercise. Our education  materials being research based, will be localized to address particular  locality needs.

 RESEARCH PROJECTS: CHAHSI Nig is investigating and researching for improvement in the  following areas: patients satisfaction with care received, quality of  care given, availability of health services and accessibility of care  and services,  preventive/remedial practices, Attitudes to work and  measures/incentives put in place by managements of health service to  meet client needs; accessibility to care by the vulnerable groups- the  poor, unemployed, children, women, rural communities, HIV/AIDS infected  persons, Malaria, TB, etc.. Research the implementation process of  National health policies and programs such as AU agreement for 15%  health budget scale up and National policy on free health service for  pregnant women and children under 5yrs, dispensing of free and  subsidized ARV Drugs to HIV/AIDS infected persons, etc.


Advocacy and policy program CHAHSI Nig. will continue to intensify her advocacy for spread of  improved and effective Primary Health Care programs and implementation  at service delivery points to justify the concepts of the background of  the organization. CHAHSI will strengthen her networks and collaborations with FMOH, health care institutions - private and public, policy making bodies at Federal, States, Local Governments and International  organizations in implementing healthcare policies and programs.  Our  Organization’s programs transverse the entire healthcare  policy-action-output continuum. Quality and Equity is our banner. We  collaborate with educational institutions, research organizations and  FMOH to accelerate data collection and create up-dated Fact Sheets



CHAHSI Nig. is currently enrolling communities into the Community Based Social Health Insurance Program (CBSHIP) for the informal sector for easy  access to health care for all those in rural areas especially pregnant  women and children. CHAHSI Nig. is accredited by the National Health  Insurance Scheme (NHIS) as a Technical facilitator.



#7 Musa Yar'Adua drive (middle floor) off Owerri /Onitsha express Road, Owerri Imo State Nigeria.

E-mail: centa4heltsavis@gmail.com

Phone No: +234-(0)8113130855