Support us

Help and promote the universal health coverage  for all.


You can make donations of relief material, food, drugs or cash to support us in promoting  health care delivery especially in rural communities where health facilities are inadequate and to support internally displaced persons in crises area. We also appreciate donations of ACT drugs and long lasting insecticide treated bed Nets for combat of malaria, and  ARV drugs for people living with HIV/ AIDS.


You may also volunteer to work with us in promoting health care by donating your talent /services in  rendering services to save human life and  promote health care.

On our visit to some communities we were astonished at the state of physical structures for primary health. Some were terribly dilapidated. They ;lack basic amenities - water, toilet facilities, leaking roofs that show evidence of disuse.  

Chahsi Nigeria is appealing  to the Government, Health care agencies,  International Organizations and Volunteers for support for rehabilitation of some of these primary health care centers.

Some of dilapidated health care centers that need your support. for repairs and renovation