Where we  work

    • Disseminate information on emerging global health trends in Nigeria
    • Encourage and strengthen the actualization of Primary Health Care for the poor
    • Collaborate and network with relevant stakeholders in promoting the health of the people
    • Embark on intervention programmes against the spread of pandemic diseases
    • Enhance capacity of health and related sector players
    • Evolve a professional and sustainable organization with standard, physical, human and related resources
    • Campaign for adequate health sector financing

 Centre for Hospital and Health Services Improvement (CHAHSI Nig.) is a health based Non Governmental Organization registered with corporate affairs commission of Nigeria for the purpose of improving the quality of health care through Education, Research, Collaboration and Networking with HealthCare practitioners, in both public and private sectors; to increase access to Healthcare. CHAHSI through its research programs, collaboration with academic and research institutions proffer solutions to Nigerians poor performance in her Health Sector; adopt practicable means and methods for attainment and sustenance of Improved Healthcare systems.

CHAHSI Nig. Has been working  as a technical facilitator accredited by the National health insurance scheme (NHIS) . Enroll and mobilize communities into the  Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme (CBSHIP)  for the informal sector  for easy access to health care for all especially pregnant women and children under five years for the universal health coverage.  We work in rural communities, sensitizing, mobilizing, and enrolling such communities into the Community Based Social  Health Insurance programme. We also help in distributing free relief material such as treated mosquito nets, Drugs and  Carrying out free   malaria and HIV/ Aids screening and checkup in such communities. To promote good health service  delivery, we assist in staffing the community  primary health care centers by applying and providing them with either Doctors or Nurses as the need may be.

CHAHSI In alliance  With National Youth Service Cops (NYSC) Imo State. Has works together With health Corp members in community Development Service (CDS) and health weeks, educating on preventive measures, sensitizing and conducting medical checks and HIV and malaria screening.



Other areas we work.....