Population Council

Are you intrested in a resarch work?
The Population Council an International organization is scheduled to Start a population research project in imo state, in August 2018.
Interested persons should submit their :
Name , Phone No, Highest qualifications obtained, Research experience (yes or No)

to 08033116671, whatapp or sms only.

There would be a phone interview.    Selected candidates would be given an orientation before the project start and would be fully paid.invitation is open till July 10th 2018.
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MISSION: To catalyze and facilitate global strategies towards improving and sustaining health care services in Nigeria and beyond.


  • To build the capacity of stake holders in the health sector; Research and publish journals and articles on trend in the health systems;
  • Encourage and strengthen the actualization of basic primary health care services for the people;
  • Advocate and campaign for sustained progressive increase in health sector financing;
  • Advocate for control intervention measure against the spread of pandemic diseases;
  • Partnership and networking with law makers, civil societies, international health organizations and research institution to actualize our vision.

please e-mail us at centa4heltsavis@gmail.com

or call us at +2348113130855.  for any inquiry or comment

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